SCA 03 Girls North Claim Norcal State Cup Gold 3 Championship!

SCA North, a team with a third of their participants playing up an age level showed that combination of coaching, skill, and heart could out duel opponents of larger stature.  The SCA girls won this Gold level state championship by outscoring the competition six goals to one during the quarter, semi-final and championship rounds. 

Traveling to Manteca, Coach Judith Schapanski led her team to a 2-0 victory over Benecia Arsenal 02, a team that was rarely defeated.  The following day, SCA 03 GN faced off against a team from Pinole, the FCA Sparks.  The Sparks had been stingy with goals yielding one while scoring five in their prior elimination games. When comparing the teams during warm-ups most would think the taller and faster appearing FCA Sparks would have the advantage, especially considering that five of SCA North’s players spent most of the season under 8 years old in the  U-9 age group. 

The teams battled it out in the first half with neither team scoring.  During the second half, the Sparks took the lead when scoring on free kick halfway through the session. With less than 8 minutes left, SCA’s center defender, Emily Moberly deflected a ball off her chest, juked a few players out, and shot from 30 yards out rolling the tying goal into the back corner of the net.  Keeping the momentum going, Samantha Fenske burned down the right wing looking to score until being fouled inside the box.  Then, an always cool Victoria Holden blasted the penalty kick off the top post and over the line for the go-a-head goal.  Just a few minutes later the NorCal State Cup Gold Championship title was clinched with SCA winning 2-1.   Other championship players include Bailey Campenella, Flor Casteneda, Paola Gomez, Siena Grace, Lola Gugel, Haley Hannah, Gabriella Lopez, Kaylee Mills, Sara Norris, and Sydney Tyler.